Welcome to the Healing Hands Wellness Center

You can now see me at Branson West Therapeutic Massage. Call 417-986-4325 for an appointment. Locals receive a $10 Discount. 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions available, as well as
Combined Massage/Reiki Sessions.

Here, you’ll find information and treatments that have helped many thousands of people to live healthier, fuller and happier lives.



Reiki is the practice of laying on of hands to promote relaxation and stress reduction, allowing your body to absorb life-giving spiritual energy to aid or bring about physical, mental and emotional healing. Almost everyone finds a Reiki treatment to be an incredibly rewarding and relaxing experience, and will quickly begin to feel many kinds of improvement to their overall health and well-being. Your Reiki practitioner has been specially trained in and attuned to the Spiritual Life Force Energy that exists in and around all of the universe, including ourselves.

Essential Oils

Essential oils exist in nature, and we normally experience them as the wonderful fragrances that come from plants, fruits and vegetables. In a therapeutic setting, these oils are distilled and condensed into their most powerful form. Whether you use them aromatically, topically or, in some cases, even internally, they offer incredible enhancements to the health and wellness of the body. With our new state-of-the-art Itovi Bioelectrical Impedance Health and Wellness Scanner, you can know with certainty just which essential oils and nutrients your body needs in order to maintain your highest wellness levels.