Meet Katherine, Certified Reiki Master & Teacher

Hi, I’m Katherine Hicks

StormyAs a Christian, I practice Reiki in its Western Form, as part of my Christian duty to obey the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Among the things he commanded his followers to do was to “lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” I accompany all of my treatments with prayers that God will bring about the healing that is needed, for I know that I am nothing more than a conduit for His Power. Over the past two years, I have been deeply involved with learning about Reiki and all that it offers, and have seen some absolutely incredible things happen.

Chuck’s Story

For example, let me tell you about Chuck. Chuck was in his late 50s and suffered from diabetes. Complications with his illness caused him numerous additional health problems, until the day he was rushed by ambulance to the hospital with serious multiple organ failure. His liver, kidneys and pancreas had virtually shut down and were literally dying right inside his body. Doctors tried for two days to stabilize them, but finally told him there was nothing they could do. He was sent home and told to make preparations for his funeral.

Another Reiki practitioner and I were called and asked to visit Chuck and offer him a Reiki treatment. Because the situation was so critical, we left that day and drove three hundred miles to see him. We performed one treatment on him the day we arrived, spent the night and performed another before departing the next day, which was a Sunday. Chuck told us as we were leaving that he felt much better, and we left him with our prayers that he would continue to recover and grow stronger.

The following Wednesday, Chuck reported to his doctor’s office as he had been doing almost every week for several months. The doctor ran all the usual tests, and when the results came back he hurried Chuck into his office.

“Chuck,” he said, “I don’t know what you’ve been doing the last few days, but whatever it is, don’t stop! Your liver and kidney functions are back to normal, and your pancreas is almost there. What in the world have you been up to?”

Chuck said he burst out laughing and then began to explain his recent Reiki treatment. The doctor stared at him in disbelief, but then stated that he had never seen such a turnaround. The only word he could use to describe it, he said, was “miraculous.”

Chuck went on to live another eighteen months after that, but was finally beaten by MRSA this past January. The world lost a wonderful man when he passed away, and I feel blessed to have met him and been a small part of his life.

I could share other stories like Chuck’s, but that would make it seem as though this is about me. It isn’t; Reiki is about refreshing and renewing the spirit with an infusion of God’s healing power. I am blessed to simply be a part of this wonderful, sometimes miraculous event, and I give thanks for that blessing each and every day.

Reiki For You

If you have been struggling with an illness, malady or condition that seems to leave you drained and doesn’t get any better, let me urge you to give Reiki a try.  Call me for a very special rate on your first treatment, and I am confident that you will feel a change in your life.

That being said, let me also caution you not to stop or change any treatment suggested by your physicians. Reiki will bring about a re-balance of your spiritual energy, which is the foundation of the healings that take place. Your current medical treatment will not interfere, and you will almost certainly get the opportunity to laugh, as Chuck did, when your doctor is amazed at your recovery.